I am Alexander Art. I am the living embodiment of the ​​art idea personified in a human. Alexander is my physical shell. Art is my metaphysical essence. I`m Art and I don`t fucking care.
Any civilization`s life circle has four obligatory phases. Beginning. Movement. Depression. Fucking end.

Look around: death is everywhere. Coronavirus. Ethnic conflicts. Terrorism. Wars. Catastrophes.
Ideas of death are everywhere. They overfill our reality. They invade our inner space.
I am here because we are on the verge of a great depression of humanity.
Death of a God. Death of humanism. Death of art.
Death of art?
I eliminate the death of art!
I annul the false authority of those who proclaim the death of art!
And let them, together with Hegel, the first to start talking about the death of art, at the head go in a line to ass!
As long as art exists, humanity will live. And I am the real guarantor that art is alive and well.
No more arguing about what art is! Art is not what. Art is who. Art is me!
I gave new meanings and forms to humanity. Abstract idealism. Shapecoloring Sociums. Multi-mis-en-scenium. New cultural-food doctrine. Exit strategy from the impasse of Gutenberg. Rehistorization of humanity.
People accepted the idea of ​​the incarnation of God in the person. The time has come to accept the idea of ​​the embodiment of art in a person.
Why am I? — By right of priority! I was the first who declared the fact of the real embodiment of the idea of ​​art in a person.
Timm Ulrichs exhibited himself as a living work of art. Piero Manzoni signed visitors, turning them into works of art. Yves Klein presented the void as a work of art.
BUT NOBODY before me approached the understanding of the artist as an embodied idea of ​​art.
A person can chose keep mouth shut, trash talk, or act. I choose action.
Art will change the world. Therefore, I will change this world, because I am Art.