Manifesto of dickcunting or cuntdicking equality.

Male and female are equal. Dick is not on the periphery. Dick is equal to cunt. Cunt is equal to dick.

Dick is not the enemy to cunt. Dick is a friend of cunt. There is no hierarchy between dick and cunt.

Freedom is not in the vagina or in the dick, but in intercourse. Your vaginas are your vaginas. But our dicks are our dicks. Let’s not find out who is more important, but better understand each other. You are proud of your vaginas. And we are proud of our dicks. Respect our pride, and we will respect yours. Long live dick! Long live cunt! Long live their connection!

A real dick does not seek moral domination, as well as self-humiliation. Real dick gets into an equal relationship. Equality in life exists only on paper. Real equality is in intimacy. Dick and cunt are together forever.