Whether real literature arise and exist in social media?

More 20 years passed since the social media boom began. But this question stayed unsolved till now. Can a long novel be transformed into a social media format? The challenge is not just to put 1000 posts with texts. The novel should exist according to all the rules of social networks. If this happens, will it become a new kind of literature?

For example, you have a novel printed on paper. You open it and start to read. There is a writer and there is a reader. Ordinary situation. And what about instanovel? At first sight it’s the same. Video is combined with text. You watch and read. This interaction is like with usual literature: author and reader. And if you leave a comment, will you become a writer? Or will this action make you a character? And will your comment become a part of this novel? And will you become a co-author in this way or stay a reader? Does the usual paper version of such a novel have the right to exist? There are many questions, but the answer is one — to act. Moreover, inside this story, I create an installation that will allow you not only to penetrate the text with your imagination, but to enter it physically. You can find yourselves inside this work in the truest sense of the word.

And what about my instanovel?

This is artistic experiment. Artist`s life from early childhood to nowadays in an Instagram account. Meetings, disputes with Michelangelo and Velazquez, Remarque and Kafka in the space-time-linguistic continuum. Demiurgia, with all its inhabitants: serpintons, hippogryphs, centaurs, crystallties, the stoneymatoes, rollerballs and others. The monument to despair, created on the wall of London’s Tate Modern one November night. And… but no spoilers, read and watch by yourselves.

Spatio-temporal-linguistic continuum? What does it mean?

The spatio-temporal-linguistic continuum is not about physics, it’s about you. The spatio-temporal-linguistic continuum (TSLC) is formed when language is added to space and time.
How to communicate with Michelangelo Buonarroti without knowing Italian? It’s like fireworks. He speaks, his words hang in space in a dense clot for a fraction of a second, and then scatter into phrases that I understand. When these phrases are scattering, tactile sensations arise. Talking with Michelangelo is like dive under the sea wave again and again. Conversation with Van Gogh makes me feeling as if I’m rolling on a sheet of fine sandpaper. The «A» might be two-thirds a dodecahedron with a ripe mango scent and a third a cloud of beautiful matte brown here. And when you get closer, you suddenly see that this is not one letter, but four whole sentences. Next time, a hard wrinkled truncated cube of a mint color may appear in the same place, causing a sensation of a sweet-treacle aftertaste in the mouth. And it will be the same letter «A». And when viewed from above, it will turn into a fraction of 1/32. The display of TSLC in our world are my supposedly incoherent, at first glance, body movements and sounds, which I can sometimes translate into English. Why am I posting them here? Because you might be able to get into the TSLC with my help. I am the portal and I am the guide at the same time. I am the narrator and the message. Intertwine reading and looking and your new reality will be born.

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