Working title of the exhibition: Abstract Idealism.

Author: Alexander Art.

Purpose of the exhibition: show the possibilities of abstract idealism to a wide audience of art lovers.

Artist`s statement:

Abstract art, which actively developed in the first half of the last century, giving the world new artist`s names and bright, interesting artworks, quickly burned out. For a long time now there has been nothing truly new in abstract art on the global art market. Modern abstractionists have gone into repetition and replication of monotonous paintings.

Abstract idealism opens up many new possibilities for us. It allows artists to show what can`t be depicted in traditional ways. For example, show the emotions of literary characters or illustrate unwritten novels.

Text and image in abstract idealism are a single inseparable work of art.

I explained everything in detail in my manifesto of abstract idealism. You can read it here 

Abstract idealism can interact not only with literature, but also with philosophy, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. And this is far from a complete list.

I created several series of paintings within the framework of abstract idealism based precisely on literary works of the world classics. These are writers from different countries. And in your country we can plan an exhibition of my works based on the books of your compatriot.

Description of the exhibition project:

Before entering the exhibition hall there should be an explication with the text of the manifesto of abstract idealism. If possible, it should be placed on a digital panel for the convenience of visitors.

Up to 50 paintings will be placed on the walls of the exhibition hall (the exact number depends on the size of the exhibition space and the series of paintings presented). Each painting is necessarily exhibited with its own text, which is an integral part of it.