There are artworks from series Dreamscopy on this page. This series has its own story. And this is the story:

Memories. Now they can be corrected, faked, mixed, placed inside and removed from human memory. Strangers` memories fill our heads. Ideal people (we call them ideals) live an ideal life from birth to death. Just as special conditions are created for the cultivation of rare greenhouse plants, so ideal parents, schools, universities, friends, families are created for them. Everything is perfect with them. Their ideal memories are cleaned up and transplanted into our heads. And after that we can`t distinguish the memories transplanted to us from real life. But our dreams and hallucinations are beyond the control of anyone. In 2021, the artist Alexander Art proposed the idea of ​​creating a dreamscope and a hallucinoscope. These devices capture streams of dreams and hallucinations. After overlaying, separating, disappearing and reappearing the devices convert dreams into visual files. We don’t want the perfect memories that have been foisted on us. We want to live our own life. These images, taken with a dreamscope and a hallucinoscope, give us the only opportunity to see our real life, hidden from us by the shutter of other people’s ideal memories. Our task is to unravel these distorted and incomprehensible hallunoscopies. I managed to send 162 visual files with brief description of their creation to the times of the emergence of Covid-19. I hope that Alexander Art will receive my message, trust me and create NFTs based on them, which will help prevent the threat to our empty ideal life. Fuck their sterile memories. We covidpunks demand the right to live our lives the way we want. Don’t let them fuck your brains. This will start sooner than you think. Be ready. There are no more time rifts. My package is probably your only chance. All the answers are there.      Your salvation lies not in the correct decision, but in the errors. 162 mistakes from the future.

Zemba Morgate