Manifesto`s manifesto.

Don`t know what to do? Confused? Depressed? — Write a manifesto! This is real way to understand yourself, your place and purpose in the world.

Dick = Cunt Manifesto.

Dick is equal to cunt. Cunt is equal to dick. Freedom is not in the vagina or in the dick, but in intercourse. Dick and cunt are together forever.

Manifesto of the name.

No more arguing about what art is! Art is not what. Art is who. Art is me! I`m Art and I don`t fucking care.

Manifesto of abstract idealism.

Full reboot of abstract art! No to meaningless forms. Yes to new opportunities for artists and viewers. Join abstract idealism.

New cultural-food doctrine.

New powerful restaurant doctrine. This is not simply a new one-shot idea. This is a new understanding of restaurant, new logic and philosophy of food.

Meanings in art. Manifesto

From now on, the artist who creates forms which are not endowed with meanings understandable to the viewer must be thrown out of art!