Full reboot of abstract art! No to meaningless forms. Yes to new opportunities for artists and viewers. Looking for new ideas for your art? – Join abstract idealism.

At the intersection of Japanese traditions and European culture, a new theory in art is born. Shapecoloring Sociums are created through the means of visual art and using a philosophical approach.

Utopias and dystopias, science fiction novels and films — all this has already happened. Dreamoscopy is a unique study of the future of humanity through the means of art.

You came to museum, look at artwork and can’t understand what it is. Then demand an explanation. If artist can’t explain the meaning of his or her work, then say fuck this artist!

Can paintings be based on unwritten novels? Yes, because abstract idealism provides many new possibilities for artists. The series «Lem. The Unwritten Novel» is the evidence.

One artist versus the world-famous museum. A confrontation during six months. Monument of Despair on the wall of Tate Modern in London. Imprisonment. Expulsion from the UK.

Manifesto of dickcunting or cuntdicking equality. Dick is equal to cunt. Cunt is equal to dick. Freedom is not in the vagina or in the dick, but in intercourse.  Dick and cunt are together forever.

Contemporary art must be open to the viewer! Unclear and closed art should be subverted! Don’t be afraid to ask an artist. An artist must be responsible for her or his art.

Hamlet is you, Hamlet is me, Hamlet is each of us. Faced with a difficult choice we experience the same feelings like Hamlet. How to depict feelings? I paint them by means of abstract idealism. 

A letter from future. Zemba Morgate to Alexander Art. Dreamoscope and hallucinoscope. Be ready. Your salvation lies not in the correct decision, but in the errors. 162 mistakes from the future.

The performance is over, the curtain is down. It’s time to leave. But not in a multi-mise-en-scène. Here a theater goes on and becomes part of new artistic reality.

Art genocide deprives artists and viewers of the right to choose contemporary art.  Time of general art equalization in the world`s famous museums is real way to change situation for better.