If you have some opportunities to cooperate in implementation of my art projects, then here are some arguments for doing it.

I create abstract paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, performances, literature, video art. And this provides truly wide choice for choosing an art project that we will implement together.

I worked hard to accumulate an extensive base of artworks and projects. And now it`s time for their active implementation. This means that I have developments for an artistic strategy for several years ahead. Of course, for its effective implementation, the participation of an experienced artist promotion professional is necessary.

I have not only my artworks, but theoretical basis for them. And this is really important. You can read a description of my art theories here.

Abstract idealism  

Shapecoloring Sociums 

Usually, when talking about theory, one gets the impression that it will be boring. But this is not my case. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

And in general, how many contemporary artists are ready to substantiate their art? A very small number of them. Therefore, such a serious approach of the artist to his art increases the value of his works for art lovers.

There are a lot of contemporary artists. But how many of them have their own unique story to tell it people? And this story needs to be truly impressive to get people hooked. And I have such story. I described it in my autobiographical fiction novel “I am Art.” You can read it and see for yourself.

I have social art projects. It is extremely important to engage people to change their interior space and their environment for the better, using the means of art.

And what’s also important is that I’m always open to dialogue. Therefore, if you have questions for me, let’s discuss.

Below on this page are descriptions of my projects. And this is not all of them.

Interpretation of novel Airport by Arthur Hailey.

An immersive exhibition during which gallery visitors will be able to step inside Haley’s novel Airport.

A new look at traditional art of Japan.

This exhibition project shows a new approach to traditional philosophy and practice of Japan rock gardens.


Exploration of the possible future of humanity through the means of contemporary art.

Abstract Idealism.

In this project, the texts of literary classics become one with abstract paintings.