Working title of the exhibition: Dreamscopy.

Author: Alexander Art.

Purpose of the exhibition: Exploration of the possible future of humanity through the means of contemporary art.

Artist`s statement:

Currently, there are many quite realistic and absolutely absurd options for what our future will be like. The future is predicted by politicians, scientists, writers, filmmakers, fortune tellers.

I offer you to see our future, recreated through art and modeled in the exhibition space. Despite the relatively small size of the exposure, it doesn`t become less realistic.

This exhibition project, which is very important, has its own unusual story.

According to this story, the images were taken using a dreamscope. Dreamscope is a device which records the flow of dreams. Digital works of art are formed through the overlapping, splitting, disappearing, and reappearing of these images. And the videos were obtained using a hallunoscope.

These artifacts were sent back in time. They got to the artist, who suggested the possibility of creating a dreamscope and a hallunoscope, which haven`t yet been created in our time. These artifacts have been converted into digital works of art and they are part of this exhibition project.

The story is fantastic. But how many fantastic stories have already become an integral part of our real life.

Description of the exhibition project:

Before entering the exhibition hall there should be an explication telling about the the exhibition`s story. If possible, it should be placed on a digital panel for visitor convenience and interactivity. The explication below should have a QR code to go to the project’s Instagram.

The exhibition space must be equipped with 2 plasma screens for continuous video files broadcasting.

Up to 60 photos will be placed on the walls of the exhibition hall (the exact number depends on the size of the exhibition space). These photos will be accompanied by plaques with a brief story of each work.

If possible, the lighting system should be installed in such a way as to create an atmosphere and mood for visitors that matches the story of the project.

To increase the involvement of exhibition visitors, it is necessary to develop an Instagram project. Each visitor, by clicking on the QR code on the explication, can express his opinion on the project, leave a proposal for the project, or even make his contribution to filling out the story of the project. In this way, this project will not remain static, but will be able to develop and last over time.

This project is socially oriented because it encourages people to think about our common future and take part in modeling options for its development. After all, each of us can contribute to making this future better.

Of course, for gallerists and art dealers the main task remains selling the artist’s works. And for the artist this is also urgent. Therefore, I would like to note that each work included in this project is a separate unique work of art. And anyone can buy it.