Manifesto`s manifesto.

If the planet, having united the efforts of all people, organizations, states and continents, won`t be able to write a universal manifesto, then this is not a planet, but a huge goat poo, dangling in the expanses of outer space.

If a state on this planet can`t write its own national manifesto, then it`s just a territory, a piece of land. I emphasize that this shouldn`t be a constitution — the main law of the state, but a manifesto. The manifesto isn`t a law, but a way. And if the state can`t designate its own way, then this state is shit.

If an organization can’t write a manifesto for its activities, then the organization is shit.

If an adult, being of sound mind and solid memory, can`t write a manifesto of his personality, if he can`t explain where and why he is going, if his only unmarked one is to live longer without a goal, then what kind of person is he?

Don`t know what to do? Confused? Depressed? — Write a manifesto! You must write a manifesto of yourself in order to understand yourself, your place and purpose in the world.

Manifesto! Manifesto! Manifesto! Only the manifesto, and nothing but the manifesto. The manifesto is alive, the manifesto is eternal, the manifesto is everywhere and forever.