Meanings in art. Manifesto.

From now on, a meanless form, created by an artist, thrown out from art! Forever!

From now on, the artist who creates forms which are not endowed with meanings understandable to the viewer must be thrown out of art!

Meanings! I demand meanings. The world requires meanings. Humanity requires meanings. If you have thoughts, generate meanings. When you`ve acquired meanings, breathe them into your works. Do you refuse to do it? – Then fuck out from art.

I free the viewer from dumb staring and pseudo-admiration of art alien to him or her. From now on, the question is: what the fuck? — is legal in museums, galleries and other institutions. But the viewer, who doesn`t want to understand the artist, who discovers new meanings for him, will be fucked out.

Viewer, you look at the artwork and don`t understand what kind of crap it is and why you need it? So ask the artist about it.

Artist, can’t you explain what you create? — Then you should be fucked out of art!

Don’t you think it’s necessary to explain? Your artwork should speak for you? — Then fuck off out of art!

Do you want to say: I’m an artist and that’s how I see it? — Then fuck out of art!

The existential component of your art project is in the paradigm…What the fuck?

Do you really understand what you mutter? Do you hide behind terms? Shut up and get the fuck out of art!

Let the mindless creators be cast out of art forever.

If you are an artist, then everything is simple for you: either you create ideas which change the world and transform them into art forms, or you must be thrown from art.

Viewer, if you agree with the artist, then we will change the world together.

Don’t agree? Then ask the artist about ideas in his or her artworks. If there are no ideas, then feel you free to say the artist to get out of art. Don’t be fooled by the meaningless forms which artists try to impose you as works of art.

Fuck fake art. If there is an idea in a work of art, let the artist confirm it. If there is no idea, then this artist must be thrown out of art. Such an artist is a liar and a counterfeiter.

Demand meanings in all museums and galleries of the country!