Shapecoloring Sociums. Philosophy.

Triangular Toccata. The language in which the universe is written. Variations of perfect sociums. Colorshapes. Philosopher’s stone as a piece of ever-rushing time. Striving for infinity on a section of the path with a diameter of 52 centimeters. Theory about humanity’s fear of beauty. Rainbow at 4 am. All of them you can find in shapecoloring socium. Shapecoloring socium is a beautiful world where is no place for monotony, fear, ugliness, dullness, predators, betrayal, crowds, parasites, aggression, facelessness and pain.

The word equality is an insult here. Аnd the vulgar phrase: “there are no indispensable” is an empty phrase here. This is a realm of absolute order in the absence of a system which is the machine that churns out the units of the crowd. I created them in such a way that they come to life only with your appearance. Because the center of the composition manifests itself depending on the situation that you create by turning your head, bending your body, moving in space …

Everything is created in such a way that all objects are visible, but it is impossible to see the whole picture. Depending on the point of view, some part of this world appears, and some in turn disappears. Without thoughtful contemplation it looks like a fixed mess. But with the appearance of thoughts and feelings, it transforms into infinity, compressed to the size of your soul.

Everyone is a bright and multifaceted personality here, and can easily become an integral part of a miracle. And this miracle, although not replicable, is elementary in nature, because its components are elementary: night, window, insomnia, moon, crystal (colorform), palm and eye. If all of them are together here, then you can easily get into a reality where the yellow beauty is not alone, but has several red-yellow-blue satellites. And these satellites multiply in color, shape and number with every movement of the hand.

This is a world where space radiates. There, at a certain point in time, beautiful green-orange things appear to make us happy for 517 and 3/4 seconds. Looking at this piece of life with two eyes, you can see how the child of the crystal and the moon will overpower his parents and sliding along the window, the curtain, it will go out in the darkened space of the workshop. The moon goes behind the trees. And all her children are melting, turning into tiny multi-colored fireflies, to whom life has given a little of its sky. When they leave, there will be almost tangible loneliness which is the minimum price for a rainbow at four in the morning.

This boundless reality easily fits on one of the facets of an inhabitant of a shapecoloring socium. This world is an illustration of the perfection of the adhesion of the Universe. Meaning and beauty are solder and rosin here, and the soldering tool is love.

Universe. There is not a single ugly theme in all its infinity. Because ugliness is a defect made by God. But that can`t be. The Universe is the most complex, interconnected work, where the failure of one part or a poor-quality connection will certainly lead to a complete stop of the system. A shapecoloring socium is a section of the Universe, organized in a similar way. If remove any individual from it, then chaos instantly reigns. At the moment everything is in its place and the world is beautiful. What is ugly is either that created by human (everything which is ugly created by human, although far from everything created by man is ugly), or there is only an ugly idea formed by associative thinking.

Association is a cliché, an attempt to get down some part of nature to our development poverty by polluting it with the tinsel of our consciousness. For example, everyone who looks at the mountain Ayu-Dag (it means Bear mountain)  tries to see the outlines of a bear in it. But there isn`t any bear and even its outlines there, because there is no repetition of the plot in the Universe. Finding a strange little pebble on the shore, most people try to associate it with some previously seen form. But understanding of the depth of beauty of any particle of reality comes to us through the passed galaxies of thoughts, through the breaking of stereotypes, through the thorns of contradictions and doubts. The reward for the labor is a clear vision of one of the facets of God’s style. Through the elementary duplication of reality in your mind, it is impossible to come to such discoveries. The same thing happens with people: it is much easier to see similarity in a person, to put a cliché of mediocrity than to find out his obvious difference from everyone else. Association is a damper against humanity’s deepest fear.

The unknown has always terrified people. People tend to be afraid of the unknown. A human gets rid of the fear of the beauty of the natural form, either by understanding its essence, or by finding familiar features in it. The second option is the easiest, fear disappears for a while, but a person can no longer comprehend the internal state of an object. Unwillingness to feel and think, spiritual laziness gives rise to associations. And the results of associations are only clichés and labels which are the seeds from which routine grows. Unwillingness to feel and think, spiritual laziness gives rise to associations. And the results of associations are only clichés and labels which are the seeds from which routine grows. The routine is the mother of indifference, which is amorphous abomination, through her fault, as you know, all betrayals and murders occur on our planet. After get free from associations, it becomes clear how to build a new world on the wing of a butterfly. Or create a millionable dimension out of a rose, red ruby ​​and pomegranate seeds. Or create using the particles of perfection a constellation “Triangular Toccata” which is the world as powerful as the Pythagorean theorem and voluminous as the Bach toccata. You can represent any fraction of reality in such perspective which no one has ever seen it before. Let’s take mold. At first sight, it is perceived like something disgusting, but in fact it is really beautiful. You just need carefully to spread it on a leaf of Yucca, correctly place pieces of mica there and look at it under the microscope from the right angle. The result of the efforts is a polychrome micro-continent of the planet Earth, not as large as Africa, but, nevertheless, deserving the right to life with the liveliness of colors and the wisdom of forms. Any particles of nature (atoms, trees, flowers, stones, planets and fish…) are essentially macro words containing a huge number of interrelated concepts, words of the language in which the Universe is written. Everyone understands partially these words, I am learning to think and speak this first language.

Most of my works are attempts to build phrases, sentences, search for rhyme and rhythm. Thinking in this language, you can answer questions that have haunted humanity for many years. For example, the Philosopher’s Stone. How many efforts and lives have been spent, but there is no result. And any result won`t be, because almost every person who was involved in this process of search tried to answer the question of how to turn cheap metals into gold. But philosophy poses completely different questions for us. Why there is something and not nothing? What is the meaning of life? This raises the question of what is primary — consciousness or matter. And the main task is not the answer, but the question posed to the inhabitants of the earth. And since the stone is still philosophical, and not chemical-economic, the conclusion follows: the problem has not been set correctly and therefore cannot be solved. In my opinion, the value of philosophy is not in the search for answers to eternal questions, but in the ability to pose these questions in such a way that humanity would have a desire to answer them. The Philosopher’s Stone is the instrument that arouses such desires.

And what is this Philosopher’s Stone in fact? I see him like bizarre, but powerful (in the sense of dynamic tension) shapecoloring individual, who behaved himself with dignity in endless battles with the old Sea. A middle-aged hero who shreds the harsh northerly winds so that they do not oppress exhausted fishermen. He is independent, although not by himself, because he is just a fraction of the ever-hurrying time who doesn`t have time to return for him. In his wise wrinkles live slices of a miracle, multi-colored relatives, patiently striving for perfection. Each new vantage point is a space for your thoughts to develop. And at that moment, when you are sure that everything has been passed and seen, a »lost» kid will be found, and it will become clear that behind all the depths and heights of the human mind there is only one phrase: »everything is just beginning» …